Est 1900. Remastered 2019

Our Plan

Since finding the keys in March 2019, we have had no doubt we are backing a winning horse. Hidden underneath years of neglect and missed opportunity lies a beautiful pub rich in stature, character and history. Our plan is simple… to find that pub.


This is food for everyone.

We do total inclusivity. Our ever-evolving menu is a blend of traditional British cuisine decorated with dishes inspired by our travels around The Globe. Big, exotic flavours or nostalgic classics; meat or plant-based; light or indulgent. This is a menu that doesn’t discriminate.

Doing our bit

We are a member of The Sustainable Restaurant Association, joining a growing community of like-minded businesses striving to be environmentally responsible. Plastic straws, stirrers and disposables have been removed, and we only use compostable napkins.

At least 50% of our menu is plant-based, which we believe is a sustainable food future, and the animal produce we do use is farmed nearby. We also use local suppliers in an effort to reduce food miles. This is an ongoing commitment that will develop as we grow as a business.

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